This is a bright, compact little house on a small footprint in a beautiful resort.  Houses on this particular street are the same and close together.  No big views from the house.  Facilities of the resort are top of the line, three golf courses, huge lodge hotel, sports center and spa, among others.  About 15 minutes west of Redmond if you know where you are going.  Longer, if you don't.  ((Mary, Lori will be sending you a map.  You and everyone else will need a copy as the streets wind around and it is easy to get I did. ))

The above photo was taken with my back to the front door.  You cannot see the staircase in this photo, but it is to the left of the front door.  You can see the dining area.  You can see the living room sofa cushions (converts to queen bed).  Kitchen to left.  Doors to narrow deck to right with outside round table and outdoor grill at left end of deck, hot tub at the right end of deck (see photos below). 



This photo was taken from behind dining table and chairs looking into kitchen.  Loft is above the kitchen.  On the other side of the kitchen wall (straight ahead) is a bedroom with double bed. 

Out of focus.  Shot with my back to the entry door and a staircase.  This is the living room.  Sofa, chair with ottoman, immediately to my right is a TV in a cabinet and a fireplace next to it toward the windows.  Dining room beyond.   When sofa bed is opened, there is little other floor space in the living room.  

 Sorry, another out of focus.  The above photo is the loft taken with my back to the front door.  Stairs to the left.  To left of the top of the stairs is the door to the master bedroom.  Directly ahead, beyond balcony railing is the sofa bed. (see above).  Below is the kitchen. 

The above photo is the loft (over kitchen area) with queen sofa bed.  To the right is a balcony rail and the dining room below.  If you were sitting on the sofa looking straight ahead, you would see a balcony rail, and the front door/ the living room below.  To my back is the stairway landing and to my left is the door to the the master bedroom.  When you open the sofa bed in the loft, there is not much floor space between the end of the bed and the balcony railing.


The above photo is the master bedroom.  You can see the end of the bed.  To the right is the door to the loft and stairs.  To the right next to the bed, is a closet with built in TV cabinet.  The tub and sink are within the master bedroom.  To the right of the sink is a room with toilet and shower.  Photo below is the bed in the master bedroom, taken with my back to the sink.  And below that photo is the TV cabinet and closet.



 Above photo is downstairs bedroom with double bed. 

Above photo is downstairs bedroom with two twin-size bunk beds.  Taken from door to room.

Downstairs bathroom.  To immediate right is bedroom with double bed. To immediate left is bunk bed bedroom.  To left and a bit behind is washer and dryer (see below).  


Laundry.  To right is bunk bedroom, to left is wall with staircase on other side.  Entry to staircase is at front door. 

Outside deck with table and grill at one end.  Other end, behind me, is hot tub (see below.) 

The end.